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       Exhibitions Highlights

Festivals & Biennale


Intercontinental Bienal, Puero Rico (06-18.12)

Intercontinental Bienal, Panama (01.11-14.11)

Intercontinental Bienal, Brazil (26.09-06.10)

Intercontinental Bienal, Argentina (26.07-06.08)

International Silhouette Festival, Art Commune Gallery, TC Kyivsky, Moscow, RF (03-09.03)


Arts & Fashion Top World Weekend 2023 (24.12), Antalya, Turkey

Intercontinental Bienal, The National Museum of Colombia & The Edgar Negret Museum, Bogota, Colombia (07-18.12)

Russian Art Week, Amber Plaza Congress Hall, Moscow, RF, (7-12.11)

Art performance at Designer Fashion Week-2023, Arts & Fashion, Hilton Hotel, Moscow, RF (19.03)

45th anniversary of Prostokvashino Cartoon Fest, SouzMultPark Multimedia Entertainment Center, Moscow, RF (08-30.04)

StreetBasket Red Square Cup Fest Art Exhibition, Gostinny Dvor, Moscow, RF (25-26.03)


Beyond Colors, Artistic collaboration between the artwork and the music. My artwork was selected as one of the pieces presented at the Exhibition Music Concert of composer and pianist Margin Alexander, New York, USA (28.11)


Surf Symphony Fest and Surf Art Exhibition, Moscow, RF (18.10)

Group Exhibitions


Emotions, Art-Commune Center for Contemporary Arts and gallery, TC Kyivsky, Moscow, RF (30.06-6.07)


Art show in Africa, Art Without BarriersRussian Centre of Science and Culture, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (19-29.11)

People & CitiesArt-Commune Center for Contemporary Arts and gallery , TC Kyivsky, Moscow, RF (30.10-4.11)

Fashion Illustration-2023, Exhibition hall of the Center of Istinny Tsennostey, Rostov-on-Don, RF (21.10-04.11)

Sport Art, Letay Art Gallery, Ramenskoe, RF (22.09-04.10)

Living Space and Cosmogony, Art-Commune Center for Contemporary Arts, Ryazan, RF. (3-17.09)

Fashion, Naprotiv Gallery, Moscow, RF (02.09-15.10)

Chroma, Artly Mix Gallery & Cultural Space, Sao Paulo, Brazil (05.08-26.08)

Symbiosis of Beauty & Craftsmanship, Arts & Fashion, Berezka, Dubai, UAE (1-15.03)

Woman, International Virtual Women Art Exhibition, Art India Gallery (1-10.03) 

Story of the Plant, Moscow Botanical Garden Gallery, Moscow, RF (04-30.03)

Femme Fatale, International Virtual Exhibition, We Draw Fashion & Beauty Art Community (01-25.02)

Slice of Life, Molbert Art Gallery, Saint Petersburg, RF (22.02-05.03)

Narrativas, Artly Mix Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil (04.03-18.03)

Open Air, Prazhsky Grad, Chertanovo Art Group, Moscow, RF (15.01-15.02)

Symbiosis of Beauty & Craftsmanship, Arts & Fashion, Agora Art Gallery, Antalya, Turkey (17.01-30.08)


Retro Christmas, International Virtual 3D Art Exhibition, We Draw Fashion & Beauty Art Community, Spatial platform (27.12-15.01)

Trendy Pets & Owners, Collaboration with A Paw on The Heart/ Kepa Uz Sirds, a family TV show about pets on the Latvian National TV channel. Virtual exposition of art supporting the trend to have pets and demonstrating happiness and lifestyle of pets and their owners (15-21.08)

2017 - 2020

TSUM Zoom, TSUM Department Store Permanent Exposition, Moscow, RF

Personal & Semi-Personal Exhibitions 


Restyled Fairy Tales Characters, children's library 177, Association of Cultural Centers of south-west Moscow, Department of Culture of Moscow, RF (07-27.06)

Big City Characters, Conference hall of municipal library 151, Association of Cultural Centers of south Moscow, Department of Culture of Moscow, RF (25.04- 25.05)

Hands, Municipal library 151, Chertanovo Art Group, Moscow, RF (30.04-27.08)

The Portraits, Culture & Sports Center, Moscow, RF (18-31.03)


My Way, W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia (12-18.10)

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